Can't stand the wait!!!! Advice please!!!!

Hey ladies, I need to vent glow told me to take a pregnancy test I took it and bfn :-( I could bet my life on it I'm pregnant, I'm so emotional the past three days I cry I laugh I laugh and cry I feel like I'm going crazy!!! Everytime I eat something My stomach is so full after and I can barely eat couldn't even finish a bagel yesterday could barely make it through half!! Also I burp like craxy after I eat  all of a sudden exhausted and have different kind of cramping mostly just on my left side it's not really painful just very weird different I've never felt before and this might be tmi but I'm either really wet where I think I peed myself and oddly dry certain times too I don't get it my puppies are acting funny too very clingy and protective lays on my stomach follows me around if my husband even hugs me they go crazy!!! Glow says af should be here on 26th it's killing me two neg tests and I'm do upset can it just be too soon I thought talking first response the 6 day early test would for sure come up than nothing glow confuses me tells me to take a test today that sends an email saying that and really!!!! What do you think?? Losing my mind hope I'm not the only one