I want to cry :(

Carol • Mother to 2 lovely kids Liam age 9 and Penelope (Penny) age 1 , also expecting baby number 3 due September 2016 ! 💙💗
sorry to be depressing guys but DH and I just had a row he called me a lot of nasty things in the heat of the moment and I'm now in tears . Since TTC I feel we have had problems and it's caused frustrations .
​I'm 7dpo and already anxious about being in 1ww but that argument has left me in tears . I'm usually so strong and supportive to others so just hoping someone can brighten my day . I feel so sad today like if it's not one thing going wrong then it's another thing :( 
​Got my 6 year old son here trying to cheer mummy up but I just want to hibernate 
​Carol x