Over 2 years waiting and now... BFP!!!

Maria • 5 mc in 4 years. After 6 IVF cycles one beautiful healthy baby boy 👶🏼 2 mc since baby and trying IVF again
​My DH and i have been trying for over 2 years. I mc twice. I have gone through some rough time for the past 2 years... 
​But i guess it takes patience.. Even if i didnt have any.. And FAITH!! (I lost it every month for about 6 days each month.. But we need that faith Back!!) 
​I couldnt be happier right now and more scared at the same time!! 
​But i have decided that im taking one day at a time!!
​My husband is also kind of scared (he wont admit it, but i know) so as soon as i took the test this morning, he made me retest and then call the doctor to make an app (tomorrow!) and took my to have my blood tested. 
​I guess what im trying to say is Holy S*#%T!!!!   IM PREGNANT!!!!! 
​Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Glow!! For not giving up on us and to all of you ladies hope gave me hope every single day!!!