Opinions? Baby fever

Elizabeth • ♋Living life, in love.
Im 18 have been with my s/o for about a month and I can't keep my mind off wanting to experience motherhood. I've had baby fever since I was 15/16 and its getting much worse. Just got my monthly period that I was hoping didn't come. I just feel in my heart my s/o is my soulmate. When we first met it was love at first site. I want to marry him and we talk about a future together very openly. I do want to wait but im flooded with baby fever thoughts. Me and him have already talked about how many kids we're going to have and talking about getting a place together after his lease is up in march. And all these things are driving me crazy. I just want to fast forward life till its the right time. He does live an hour or so away so we dont see each other as much as we'd like between our work schedule and distance it keeps us away from each other. When we are having sex my mind is racing with thoughts of wanting to be pregnant. I guess its just my raging hormones I have to control.