Lost the pregnancy

I was in the Emergency Room all day today. This morning I started cramping (which didn't scare me) and then spotting a little after (which did scare me). Then full on bleeding. They took a urine sample at the hospital which came back negative for pregnancy (I was absolutely confused and devastated- I had taken 8 tests, even a digital last week- all positive!), so they took a blood test and my hcg level was 3. So if I had positive tests a week ago, apparently my levels started rising as the pregnancy started (since I had darker tests and many symptoms) then immediately decreasing because of a loss. The ER doctor said It is looking like my bleeding today is a delayed AF, that is just starting since the hcg has lowered.
I have (what would've been my first pregnancy) doctors appointment on Tuesday. I will still be going, so my doctor can evaluate what happened and hopefully give me a cause. And give us advice on what to do moving forward. We are devastated. But still hopeful for the future. It's been a rough day. Roller coaster of emotions. "The Lord giveth, and The Lord taketh away." We will continue with hopeful hearts in our TTC journey.  I hope you ladies are doing well.