Needy Husbands

Tyrand • Im a 31 years old woman with two children. I have been with my husband for five years. We are working on TTC baby #3
Hey Ladies, I'm currently married to my husband for one year, but we have been engaged for five years. Which makes a total of six years. Since we've been together, every now and again, he gets needy. For example, he states things like; "you don't give me enough attention", "you don't come on to me enough", or "I'm not feeling the love". The very first time I noticed it, resulted in a very vicious arguement in which I later found out he was cheating. Today after church he then said to "I'm not feeling the love". In my defense, I'm thinking about the scripture the pastor just read, and didn't understand how I am not showing any love when I have Jesus on my mind. Mind you, I'm a stay at home mom as a result of relocating to North Carolina from NY. I cook, clean, take care of him and our smaller children. He gets sex every night, other than the last couple of nights due to him having a bad cold. But that wasn't my fault. I'm all out of answers.
​Ladies how would you take this?? Is he too needy?