Past issues w/abuse, but Am I being over sensitive?

I come from an abusive home as a child. My mother always submissive & my father ALWAYS abusive in emotional, verbal, & physical kinds of ways (not sexual). Bc of this I feel sometimes my threshold for "confrontation" might be higher than normal & I'm overreacting, but other times I'm upset & feel wronged. My husband is a wonderful man, would NEVER hurt me! But he is short on patience sometimes especially when it comes to our kids. Our littlest one is sick & we were caring for him together & he got mad about something I did & "got in my face". I got very upset by this so I aggressively shoved his hand (with the bottle in it) out of my face as he was angrily explaining something to me. He got mad at how I talked/ looked/ shoved his hand bc he didn't think he was doing anything bad & then grabbed my arm & told me to stop talking to him that way & looking at him in that manner that he was just trying to show me something. He's much stronger than he realizes & I know he didn't mean to but he hurt my arm. After having to force him to give me our baby I put him to sleep & came back & he had the lights off & was just laying there mad. Like I overreacted & created a situation bc of pregnancy hormones again. Am I being over sensitive bc of past trauma about him "putting his hands in my face or grabbi my arm"? Or am I rightfully upset? I'm so upset right now I can't sleep & all I can do is cry about what happened