So I am driving myself crazy

Amber • TTC #2 after ectopic rupture and left side ovary and tube loss
Can anyone see anything. Currently 5 days late. Having troubles conceiving. Long story short.. had ectopic rupture in 2012 and lost my left tube and ovary. So only have right side. Had surgery august 2013 to remove hemoragic cyst on right ovary. Still have cysts. Was put on clomid last month but was miserable and sick entire month. Was going to start round this month but had to big of cyst ro. I know I o'ed and did do the deed during that time and so forth. Had brown spotting. Not enough for tampon for 4 days when period was suppose to be here. And now nothing. Ugh I want it so bad but am sure this is negative but my line eyes is seeing something. Any thoughts?