Gender disappointment

Janessa • Mama to 1 amazing little boy, wife, babywearer, photographer, nerd.
Well, I kind of knew this day would come. I've been wanting a girl but have had repeated dreams about it being a dead grandpa even visited me in a dream on Saturday night and told me he was glad it was a boy. This is our first. This morning I got the call from my genetic counselor. Indeed, it is a boy. I'm an only child and the only experience I have with boys are DH's nephews, ages 5, 2, and 2 (twins). The twins are adorable and fairly mellow, but the 5 yro is hell on wheels and their house is completely trashed as a result. I'm not talking normal kid mess, I'm talking truly trashed. I know a lot of it comes down to his parents not disciplining him (they didn't even try until he was about 3 or 4), but I'm just scared that my boy is going to be a ball of energy that I can't handle and have trouble loving. Can boy mamas give me some things about boys to get excited about? Did anyone else go through gender disappointment?