Ines • Praying for my princess!TTC Baby #3☺️
Hello Everyone:
​Need some feedback! As I've posted before, I'm 35 and TTC baby #3. As I'm getting used to the idea of pregnancy all over again after nine years (my youngest is 9) I find myself "relearning" everything again. So I'm asking what do you think: had unprotected sex between 8/29 and 9/2. My AF should had appeared on 9/7, came early 9/4 didn't last my usual days, just three. Heavy for the secon day only. No symptoms of period. Lately I've been very lightheaded, very sleepy, tired, very moody, feeling sick in my stomach, and cravings (chocolate or just sweets) I don't want to think I am, and then be disappointed if I get my period, which by the way is a 28days cycle but have been irregular ever since TTC. What can this mean? Help! Any advice, or feedback. Thanks?