Irregular period ....looking for advice

Hi everyone, I will be 33 in October, & my husband(30) & I have been trying to conceive for 4months. I have had irregular periods my whole life & have been on the pill from ages 17-31. I tried to come off the pill earlier, but I developed cysts so my gyno told me to go back on the pill to help. 
​I have been going to Accupuncture for 4 mnths and taking herbs. I am trying to stop running, as I think this might have an affect on regulating. Right now my periods are ranging from 33-40 days(this is good for my period, it was worse, but climbing back slightly longer cycles recently). Has anyone done anything to get their period to consistently stay below 35 day cycles? My acupuncturist thinks I have PCOS, but my OBGYN has not said this. Thinking of trying Clomid soon, I am concerned I am not ovulating with cycles this long . Am trying to look into other alternatives first. Thanks sooo much for your help!!