Boobs hurts

Urwa • I have awesome family❤️
I m 9 weeks 6 days and 21year old
​My boobs have started to change in pregnancy. I can feel them getting bigger n the nipple has also started to stick out. From two days i have felt not only size increase in my boobs but they have also become a lot sensitive and they have started to hurt.. It feels like i have bench pressed a lot of weight. But today i woke up with a lot of sore kind of pain in my breast and omg it is so bad i cant even wear a bra. I know it is normal and it happens during pregnancy. I just want to know how can i deal with it to make myself comfortable. And oh yeah what type of bra should i wear i am big 34C and a small D so plz anyone can suggest me some good pregnancy bras. Or if there is a cream ir massage or oil that can help.