Lack of commitment.

Since mid February I've been talking to a guy who from the beginning, had told me he didn't want a relationship. We agreed to be friends with benefits and a month later after seeing each other a fair bit started sleeping together. Over Easter he came to the realisation he had feelings for me, late April he made these feelings clear to me although saying he wasn't yet ready to date but that it wasn't a no, just a not right now. Over the next few months we saw each other at least once a week and have slept together each time at least once. We virtually are a couple without the title. Mid June he was home for a break and he admitted he loved me, yet felt silly since we weren't official. He also told me that if I just waited a bit longer he'd be ready. Now it's been 7 of seeing each other and talking literally every day since meeting and things have changed a bit. He no longer says he wants a relationship, and the communication has changed a bit. I'm happy with him but I would like that confirmation and to actually be his girlfriend, not only so he's off limits officially but also so I don't feel like I'm leading any guys on by talking to them or being friendly when they make conversation. He is 24, mind you and I'm close to 19 so I know the he plays a factor in his doubts but that's something I can't change.

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