Not many ladies in this group??

Tiff • Married 4yrs to my best friend and love of my life! Pregnant with babies #2 & 3, yep! Its TWIN girls..
Please feel free to comment about anything your experiencing, thoughts feelings, pains growth, anything! Us twin mommys need to support eachother!!
​Id love to hear your story as we all have one! Here is mine: 
​This was a complete shock for me as i only wanted one more and ttc for 2 yrs and now i am just about 9wks with twins, i kinda knew in the begining tho as i found out i was pregnant extremely early and when i got my levels taken at just 4.5wks they were 9,262, but it wasnt something id ever thought about in my life ever happening. 
​So as i try to let all of these mixed emotions sink in im really in need of some support from othermommys 
going   thru this same experience!!
​Here they are: