Mirena question! (I got pg on the mirena I.u.d.)


I had my second mirena removed on Sep. 4...

The first one I had implanted i had for 3 years before I accidentally conceived due to the device dislodging partially without my knowledge. That pg ended in a mc.

I had another implanted bc the doctor said I was nearly impossible for it to happen again.

I kept that one in for two years until I decided to ttc with my boyfriend this month.

My question is this:

Ive always had a regular cycle in the five years that ive had a mirena in. Does that mean I have a greater chance of conceiving right away? Seeing as ive been regular throughout the 5 years, and actually concieved while still on the iud?

On a freaky note, it was in late september that I concieved my mirena pg, so almost the two year anniversary of that incident.

I do have a ds born in Aug 2009.