Supportive or leave.

GlendaG • Started TTCing for #1 in Nov 2013 Married June 2014 stopped TTCing Dec 2015 now just living

Today I was told basically "I should not have children" on here simply because I said I can't afford to waste money by doing multiple pregnancy test a month.

If you can't be supportive then shut the hell up! There is never a need to be hurtful on this site. We are, all of us, here because we are wanting to be in a safe place to talk and vent and stress about our journey's. We come looking for support and understanding and for insights from others whom have tread the path before us.

We DO NOT come here to be insulted, degraded, or humiliated. I love this app and have been part of Glow since it started. I love it because I rarely see jerks post and it IS the most supportive place I have found. Women here ARE helpful to each other and do not see TTC as a competition.

Please before you post something think about it and think if it will hurt someone, if YOU would want someone to say it to you. If your comment presupposes something you don't actually know about the other then SKIP SAYING IT! Or go to one of those other Internet groups who like to snip at each other.

WE ARE NOT POOR, but I can not afford to waste money on using multiple First Response Early Results test when I can just as easily wait two or three more days and only use one. That money over the year or years of TTCing could be better spent paying for the Dr appointments, the tests, the medications, the surgeries, and possibly even procedures later down the road. Yes I could use a cheaper brand but it is MY CHOICE to use the one I do and it gives me a feeling of comfort and reliability to use this brand.

I was humiliated today by this person but if that leads to others not being hurt later down the road because I post this thread then I will be glad it happened. Even for the woman whom insulted me I wish the best in her journey be it TTCing or not. I want to see all of us suceed in our quest to make our families as complete as we wish.