Pregnant or paranoid ??

I believe I started my period September for 3 days one day regular flow and two days spotting very light. I've been having tummy aches yesterday and today
​ And yesterday I ended throwing up in my sleep around 7 am. Good thing I was facing down.  My SO made me breakfast and I could not stand the smell of food. Especially the eggs !  I ended up taking two bites and it made me extremely nauseous.   I tried eating soup later on and ate the whole thing but still nauseous
​ At 1am I made him take me to go get Oreo icecream and a pickles. Thank goodness for 24 hr walmart. This morning he wanted me to make him breakfast but I could not even look or think about the eggs I usually have them over hard and this time I scrambled them and had to douse them with ketchup because I couldn't stand the smell or taste of it. WHAT IS GOING ON :(??  

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