Sensitive question

I am officially 12 weeks today with our first, and our news is going public this weekend. We are not making a huge deal out of it, but we are very excited.
​My office at work is very baby-centric, and pregnancies are celebrated, as we're mostly women. My closest friend at work suffered a miscarriage a few months ago at 16 weeks. She is aware I am pregnant now, but because it has not been public knowledge, she hasn't had to hear much discussion. She was happy at the news and has been supportive, but I haven't spoken much about the pregnancy (just bits and pieces) and she has been positive and open. However, the quiet is about to change. 
She sits next to me, and I want to be sensitive to her feelings and experience, but at the same time, I do want to celebrate our happy news. Is there something I should be doing or saying to keep from hurting my friend? I have gently asked how she has been doing - she hasn't said much beyond being okay and a little disappointed. She seems okay, but I know it's not always safe to assume...