I did research &...

I'm just curious. When something seems off I go on google &I just type in what I'm feeling or what I'm thinking so this was one of the questions. 
​I had sex 3 times 2 days ago. The 1st with a condom, the 2nd the condom got stuck inside my vagina (found it like 4 hours later &took it out) but we still kept going at it &he pulled out. &the 3rd time he pulled out again; no condom was used. 
​I finished my period about 2 weeks ago &yesterday I was spotting heavy. I thought it was my period but today nothing. 
​I searched up "spotting after unprotected sex" &it just said that its one of the signs to detect early pregnancy. That you spot when the sperm is implanted on the egg but it happens like in a week after you had sex but I'm not worried about it. But what do you girls think? 
​&&also about the condom being stuck inside the vagina. When I saw it, it had precum inside &I read that it could be a slight chance, but I'm not sure.  
​I know it's early but I was just wondering. Me & my SO aren't ttc but we talked about it cause we had a scare before &we know we aren't ready but we know we can work it out.