Women who are having a girl or have had a girl!!!

Cheyenne • I am 23 and I have a two year old little boy and a 3 year old little girl and pregnant with #3!
Hi ladies, I need some help. So at my atatomy scan I was told I am having a little girl (yay!) but then when I went to my monthly appointment my doctor told me that the ultrasound tech actually wasn't completely sure of the sex and I can't get another ultrasound. I do have a gender ultrasound picture but my doctor said because of the way she was sitting they weren't positive ( I know that technically they can't know 100% from a ultrasound but I know these days they are pretty darn accurate if the baby is sitting right). Anyways it would give me some reassurance if I could see some other girl ultrasounds if yall wouldn't mind. I'm also going  to post the one I have for yall to see. Thanks :)