Need to vent!!! Sorry if tmi :/

Massy • Mommy of preemie twins born at 29 weeks with IVF fresh transfer
So I'm suppose to get AF on October 5-6 and I kept saying to myself that I won't test until AF is due. But during lunch break I went to the dollar store and bought a pregnancy test!!!
​So I'm preparing myself for whatever is the results, guess what? Nothing showed, it was invalid ugh just my luck. I guess it wasn't meant to be for me to test today!!! I will hold it and test on Friday. Hope I don't be tempted tomorrow again :( good luck ladies and fingers crossed to all....
​Oh and I skipped the reason why I decided to test after all. Hubby calls me that he feels really sick and that he has not eaten yet because he has been feeling nauseas. He joked around stating he sounds like he was feeling pregnancy symptoms lol