Hopes a lil bit more positive after kidney scan

So I went for a kidney scan 
​Mumbled about being 8 days late and getting bfn last night 
​(I've had a kidney infection and then it came back so been on to courses of antibiotics and antiflam tablets) 
​Well she had a sneaky look at my uterus  she really wanted to know 
​Couldn't be 100% sure but said to test again soon as there maybe something there pointing to a lil circle  and had big grin 
​I know it's not certain but makes me feel a bit better knowing af might be staying away for a reason  she said it would be super hard to tell as wasn't viginal scan that early but looked promising now I can't wait to test next week 
​It's weird after bfn last night I was going to have a diabetes free day yeh I know it's naughty but usually il do it day of af if I hadn't had appt I would of    Let my bloods rise for the day