Miscarriage hurting relationship

Me n my boyfriend were trying for 5 monthes i found out i was pregnant we were over joyed we told our parents n told them for now we want to keep it a secert due to me only being 2 weeks i was having severe pains 4 days after i found out so we went to er i told them i found out i was pregnant said i look between 2-4weeks along blood levels show a high 2weeks that they would order blood work every other day next 6 days in the middle of the blood work i went back do to bleeding they said wait till Monday to see results got a call sorry but u miscarried. It runs big in my family alot of my family is harsh on me about it. Telling me suck it up im just 19 its not that bad im young. Me n my bf were so disappointed i even faught with hi because he didnt cry about it its been 3 weeks n he wants to try again we have had sex inbetween since miscarriage but i have stopped him because im scared to go threw the same pain of losing another