Discomfort In Early Pregnancy?

Okay I have an Appointment at my GYN on October 10th. 
I am Currently 14 Days late, & At 8-9 Days late I got a very faint Line. & Havent tested again. 
But I am calculated to be 6 Weeks. 
And I'm having all the Normal Symptoms, Nausea, Tired, Body feels Diffrent, Cravings, Hungry, Frequent Urination, & Gas!
​Well I've been having Little cramps in the Area where my Ovaries are. It feels weird. I think I had them my First Pregnacy, But I can't remember... Is it just my Uterus Stretching? I think so but I just want some Advice Since I don't get to go to the Dr. For another 10 Days! 
​& When I lay on my Side I get this Really Bloated feeling & It comes with little Cramps. I have to lay on my Back... I remember something simular happening with my First Pregnancy. But I have this Thing where I freak out about the Baby until the Dr. Does a Ultra sound & Tells me that it's Fine! 
​Please share Your experience if you've been through this! 
​(It's not just on one side, It shifts to Both, Which ever side I'm laying on really.)