Hello everyone. I am not pregnant yet but we are trying. One thing weighing on my mind is the problem of my Dad's new wife.

They were not seeing each other that long before they decided to get married this August '14. She is nice, but they are very religious together and I am not. She's also very opinionated which lead to fight with my Dad once concerning my niece's clothes. Long story short, she didn't approve off the fact my 9 year old niece did not have matching clothes on. I defended my niece, or tried, and said she could wear whatever she wanted to. Needless to say, I didn't appreciate her pushing her own views on a child. This was before they were married.

My problem is, I don't want her being called "Grandma" or that sort to my child when they haven't been together that long and I'm not comfortable with it. My Dad has a quick temper and will defend her, I'm afraid.

My family is small. My husband and I were married in February of this year and he only has a brother and sister in law, niece&nephew. His mother passed, I never got to meet her and his father is not in the picture. My parents were separated constantly and finally got divorced. I'm 25yo and have two older sisters. Since I've grown up I've gotten even more close with them. We take care of each other and did when we were kids. So we're protective. It's not easy to let someone in.

I'm asking anyone's advice. Please share your experiences. How do I tell my Dad eventually I don't want her being called "Grandma"?