So frustrated!!!!!

Teneale • Never ttc again but we're ready for baby #2 😊
Boobs are growing (and sensitive)tummy certainly growing appetite increasing always tired. Headaches, backaches, emotional....the list goes on. Glow says I'm fertile ATM ovulation test says low fertility; irregular periods so unable to accurately track. Cm is no help and bbt is kinda the same most days. Based on last 2 months should get af in next few days (between 3-5 oct) but not really experiencing any pain. I absolutely hate feeling crap for no reason. Why can so many random people get pregnant without even trying (or wanting too!!!) and so and I have been planning this and it's just not happening. Am so sad and angry and devastated. We want a baby more than anything in the world and have so much love to give. Didn't list symptoms so that everyone can tell me to take a test, and that it might be. Just needed to get it all out to people that may have some idea about what I'm feeling.
Rant over!