TTC- having Fiancé issues-

So we are are TTC our second baby, 
​I've been having big issues lately with my confidence, I found out he's been looking up various girls on Facebook all completely stunning, he has looked up his ex numerous times, (we had a lot of issues with her when we started out) 
​This is a short story of a very long list of crap like this and he always says he won't but always does and lies to me, rejects me when I insinuate sex all the time, I'm actually at the point now I just don't care, literally don't care what he does, 
​Now I feel like I'm not ready for another baby with him which scares me to death in case I already am, 
I don't think I'm looking for anwers just need a vent, it's an empty feeling when you just don't care anymore what the person you love does :(