Feeling funny

Lindsay • 30 years old,2 daughters 11 and 10 to a previous! 1 AngelBaby baby #3 after ttc 4 years! Love my Liam lots xxxx
Well, I had my mc September the 16th,  hcg returned to normal within a week, and me and OH carried on as normal ;) I have a funny feeling that I'm pregnant again :/ I don't know if it would even b possible to get symptoms yet, but I had a wave of nausea yesterday, vomited and felt fine (same as I did when I was pregnant) just wanting some advice/positive stories. My stomach has that, slightly bloated warm feeling lol that's how I can describe it. I have lots of wind lol ? and had some ovarian cramping last week which I put down to maybe ovulating? I don't know what to think xxx