TTC for almost two years and everything is normal?!?

Hello everyone, 
​This is my first post here... I really feel like I need support, hope, and  an outlet to vent.
​My husband and I have been TTCing consistently for almost two years now and we still haven't gotten lucky enough to get a positive POAS. 
​I constantly track my very regular cycle with apps, checking CM and LH strips. We've used preseed and have tried BDing both a lot and only a once during my fertile days. 
​I was always afraid that something was wrong with me because I have very painful menstural cramps every month.
​We visited an RE for the first time a couple of months ago and we went through all of the bloodwork, HSG and semen analysis. I even had a laparoscopic surgery a few weeks ago since I have been addressing my concerns for a while now with my ob/gyn about the painful periods. 
​So they didn't find anything wrong with me during the surgery... And we went through the results of the bloodwork, HSG and semen analysis  with the RE this week  and everything is normal for both my husband and I. 
​I'm just really frustrated right now after having gone through the surgery and all those tests and we still don't have any answers. 
​The RE suggested that we begin treatment of injectables with IUI but it's $2,000 for every cycle we try. 
​We can't afford that right now and we feel completely hopeless!!!