Tmi, discharge in pregnancy

Lauren • Mummy to Kameron & Emilie 😘
I'm currently 14+3 with my second. 
​Past couple of days I've had an awful cold, to the point I've coughed and sneezed so much that everytime I did sneeze etc I screamed in pain because my ribs were so sore. 
​Anyway since then I've noticed a lot of eggwhite discharge when wiping, like all the time when I wipe near enough. 
​I checked inside with my finger and it looks thicker than water on my finger but milky. I'm just off of metronidazole for B.V the other week and was put on amoxicillin a couple of days ago for a chest infection (haven't taken more than 3 of them though) 
​Is this normal or am I leaking fluid?
​I drove the hospital mad when I was pregnant with my son and don't really wanna do it all again x