Out this month :'(

Af showed her ugly face today and I was pretty much expecting her so I never bothered testing. I've felt crappy for a week with cramping and backaches. Well today I've got the worst period EVER! I mean blood everywhere (not literally) I've gone through super plus tampons every 30-45min! My back has hurt like never before and I've had a migraine all day but I've already taken 1000mg of Tylenol so I'm at my limit. Sucks! September I seemed to either not ovulate or take a long time to ovulate, like my body was trying to release the egg but couldn't. Now I'm feeling very bummed as we also just heard my husband's moms boyfriend has 2 kids that just found out the are pregnant with baby 1 and 2. Not to mention every baby bump I see in stores or on my Facebook newsfeed. I feel like i, or my body rather, is such a failure. I was with my mom all day and a little before we left she kept talking about wanting a grandbaby so now i just feel like crying (she doesn't even know we are ttc).