Share how you and your SO met

My boyfriend and I met at church. I was not attracted to him at all because the girl who took me was obsessed. Long story short with that one she got super crazy and mean because I was making friends at her church. Anyway I found out him and I went to the same college (which is rare for me because no one knows my college). We started hanging out at college between or after classes. We became really good friends (still no interest in him lol) and he asked me to the movies as friends and we watched hotel Transylvania and hung out until 4am after that. He asked me to be his girlfriend 10-22-12 and we've been glued to the hip ever since! He's my Bestfriend and we can really count on eachother especially when people judge us and is super negative at church. I can honestly say I met the love of my life at 18❤️ Lets hear your cute stories(: