A Poem Concerning A Guy I Have Feelings For

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary and I`m a college student. Been with PCOS for 17 years. I like volunteering and playing with my phone.
Since there's no poetry group as of yet on Glow, I'd thought I'd post a poem here. Part of me hopes he'll never see it or I'm going to die of embrassment! If you care to take a look feel free. 
​A Love to Be
​What is this fevered feeling 
That seems to overtake me
When now I come to see 
The one who made it appear? 
My body stiffens, tingles
Like a deer poised for flight
A heart once wished for death
Has here since drunk the nectar 
Of a dazed and wondrous rapture
The secrets of the darkness
That once did sing so sweetly 
Its song so now has ended
As rays now pierce its blackness
His serenade a melody 
So few could understand 
The lyrics of his logic
Speak volumes I now am hearing 
Who would have thought 
That what he draught 
Appeared a thing of candor?
Yet to another 
A time no other 
Could have guessed or even wondered. 
I know you are my Harmony 
My day my night my evening
Your other half myself completed 
Like sunshine in the rain
Can a song for one 
Become for two
Of this I hate for asking? 
But if I don't I surely won't 
Be able to forget in passing
Delirium and ecstasy 
Are naught what requiem you're speaking
If not for love 
Then please for pity 
Cure the madness now I'm pleading 
A kiss, a glance, perhaps a smile
Will sooth this agitation 
But then again 
You cad, you scoundrel 
Could enchant me even further!