Charting help please?

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So I use Glow as well as Firtility Friend, and this is my first month charting so im a little confused.

According to FF I ovulated on CD13, but with my normal 29-34 day cycles that seemed kind of early? Glow said I ovulated on CD18 so we BD around both times just in case.

I guess my question is by looking at my chart does it look normal? I have unovulation (I think that's right) but because we moved i have to wait until November to see my doctor and after taking Clomid and progesterone for two cycles my periods have been coming every month so I guess I was hopeful that i would ovulate on my own as well :(

Sigh... But now im not feeling all that hopeful anymore.

Sorry, i know this was probably all over then place and didn't make sense but here's my chart, tell me what you think? I've had three BFN, one of which was my first evap (so disappointing!)