Stuck between 2

Ok so this is my current bf
He's clearly very handsome and we have been dating for a couple years and he is really nice and caring and everything I would want in a bf he is 2 yrs older so he is loved by many girls but that is not the problem the problem is that there is this new guy whom I have become great friends withhe is super sweet and cares so much about me we have gone out in a couple group '' dates'' and I really like him the problem again is that with Cesar (current bf) we have history he is honest caring handsome and never forgets things I like and has changed a lot and has become.a better person. On the other hand Adrian (crush??) is a player so I hope you can help me decide what is best for me because I know you might say stay with Adrian because if you really loved Cesar you would have to ask. But I truly love him he has been my first everything kiss, bf, intimate life. Adrian might just be Avery special friend anyways plz help plzzz 
​Oh this is Adrian