NC ladies!

Sarah • TTC #1 for 2 yrs, did 4 rounds of femara, 1st IUI on 11/15 & it worked!!! ? Due 8/8/15 with twins!! ?Praise God! ?
Just wondering how many of you are from NC!  My husband & I have been TTC #1 for over a year & a half now. We've been going to a fertility specialist for a year. Found out I had moderate endo in May & had surgery to remove what they could in June of 2014. Since then we've tried 2 rounds of femara & are thinking about going towards IUI next month bc of DH's thick viscosity, possibly causing other infertility issues.  We go for a post costal on Wednesday to see if it's getting where it needs to go, then we will discuss IUI more seriously. I'm here for support if any of you need it, as prayer & support is what gets me through each month of BFN's!!