Need to watch! Important labor&delivery info. No matter where your located!!

Ok women! So I wanted to share this information with you all! So this is my 3rd baby. I have had 2 c sections in the past, hate the idea of having another one! If you have had to have an "EMERGENCY CESAREAN" You know what I'm talking about. The problem is not you, it's the obgyn! Please even if you haven't had a c section before, watch this documentary on births in the US. Rikki Lakes- the business of beig born. You tube link- I think the truth about personal strength needs to be pushed and you should not be scared, that's how the obgyn feels in control. Women, stand your ground if u want a natural birth stress that to the drs! Remember widwifes help with the emotional and physical parts of birth, obgyns see u once a month and wen ur ready to push. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!