Am I pregnant or miscarried? Please help me.

I'm only 17 and really need someone to help me, I know it's a lot to read but please help if you can. I had sex on sep 17th and 18th. Both times he came in me. I started having some changes. My boobs hurt so bad, I couldn't touch them. I felt nauseous all the time. I couldn't stand the smell of a pork roast, made me want to throw up. I would randomly get dizzy and light headed. I couldn't drive to school without me started to fall asleep and I thought I needed to pull over. I had almost every sign. My ovulation day was sep 24th and I also had sex on the 26th in the fertile days. On the 27th I started feeling really hot so I took my temperature for about a week and they were all around 99.3 to like 99.6. I get my period on time every month, I was supposed to get it oct 8. On oct 4 I started getting this brown blood just had to wear a little liner. It lasted for about 5 days or so. At times a tiny bit heavier but nothing at all like my period. The first day of my period is crazy heavy every time. The blood was red and brown. Then I'd only bleed after sex, just a little spotting. I started getting brown discharge oct 13 and now today I started spotting again. Still not heavy like my periods but brown and red. One pad could last me for a day and still not be full. That's not normal for me. I've read that some people can have that happen but others say it's bad. I really need help!!