What am I doing wrong???

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Its been our 5th month with no luck I was 2 days late but today when checking my cervix I found a little blood. So AF is coming again!!!

We bed all month 2-3 times a week. What the hell are we doing wrong?! I have 2 kids from previous relationship. I was once pregnant from this relationship (got preg with just 1 time) but ended in misscariage at 12+ weeks because of a virus I caught!! Had a d and c done. Then we started trying imediately but no luck for 3 months then we took a long break and now its been 5 months of trying and nothing. Im desperate I dont know what happended since the m/c.

What should I do more... please any help is much appreciated.

And I notice also that I dont get ewcn but I dont remember ever getting it. Im so sad frustrated and angry all in the same time!!