Ladies please clarify :/

Massy • Mommy of preemie twins born at 29 weeks with IVF fresh transfer
I have taken so far 2 OPK's once a day and both are neg :/ 
​I did started testing  6 days after AF ended, so that would be on CD 11
​The odd thing is that I see many women in here posting pics of OPK's and there is almost always 2 lines. I only see 1 line in the both I took, well the 2nd is there but really difficult to see, I took so many pictures to see if I can focus the 2nd line! 
​Do you think I missed my ovulation date and didn't catch it because I started testing a few days after AF ended, instead of testing the day right after it ended? 
​Do you think it can be because I am not close to the ovulation? 
​I am so confused , I do not even know if I ovulate anymore :/ I will speak about it to the fertility doctor when I go visit on Tuesday 10/21