How'd you tell your significant other you were preggers? ???

Shelley • Married, expecting baby #6! We are already mom and dad to girls that are 21, 13, & 11. Our boys are 19, 7, & baby #6! 💙
I took him and the kids out to breakfast on Saturday morning to 
 racker Barrel. Once we were seated,  I told him I had to go pee (I can go on command right now lol). I bought a rubber ducky and tied the +HPT around the ducks neck and put it in a bag. He opened the bag and pulled it out, not having a clue what he was looking at.....he looked a little better and realized what he was looking at, his expression went from "what the heck!" to "No Way!!!!" I said yep, and from that point on smiling did not cease like a kid in a candy store!!!!!