10 days late!!!!

I'm an now ten days late. Am I pregnant? I took a test this evening and it was negative.. I'm never late for my period. I haven't been feeling well the past week or so. Headache on and off. Feeling nauseas on and off days from morning to night. Lower back ache. Face is breaking out some. My boobs are enormous! And so tender to the touch. Kinda feel constipated and have had some diereha. No cramping really. Felt dizzy  and so hot the other night when I woke up in middle of night. When I wake up in morning like I cannot sit there and hold it. I MUST GET UP AND PEE NOW! I am planning to take another test tomorrow morning then go from there.. Also. Another symptom is my hormones.. I usually don't cry about a lot of things. But Jesus! Lately I have cryed over everything. From movies to food.. To small things. My boyfriend was loving on me yesterday just telling me how much he loved me and I busted down in tears. He was like Megan what's wrong!? And I honestly didn't even know what my deal was. Don't say it's my period coming.. Because I know most girls go crazy before there period. Yes my boobs get bigger before period but my boobs are huge! And soooo tender to the touch. Someone please help. What's wrong with my body?