Britney • 22. Nail Tech. Mom to Kent. Wife to James. Pregnant with baby Oliver! 6.8.15
Hey ladies
  Today I realized that my symptoms have been going down. My nausea isn't as often as it used to like last Sunday (today is Sunday) I had morning sickness all day because Mondays are a milestone for me, that's when my baby ups a week. Last Monday baby turned 6 weeks and Tomorrow baby turns 7 weeks. My breasts aren't sore anymore and I don't pee as often as before either. I don't see my doctor until October 30 ( next week on Thurs) I'm really worried. My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The baby stopped developing at 6wks 5days and then my symptoms haulted after that and I didn't begin bleeding until when I was supposed to be 10weeks. Prayers, encouraging words, and similar stories that ended in success would be so helpful to me right now. Thank you for reading.