How do I tell him I'm a virgin?

Tiny Salmon
I have been dating a guy for three months now. He is my first real boyfriend (and he knows this). I'm 24 and he is 25. He has been really patient and considerate with me, going at my speed (which is slow! It took two months/10 dates before we kissed and agreed we wanted to be exclusive.) I feel like everything is progressing naturally and comfortably (emotionally and physically), and because we've been taking things slow, he really likes me for me and not just my body!! 
​We have yet to discuss sex. I haven't told him I'm a virgin but I'm sure he can guess. Whenever we stay in, it mostly results in us cuddling and making out for hours. I know I want to lose my virginity to him and I'm so happy it will be him. Not yet, but when I'm ready. I'm just not sure when would be an appropriate time to tell him I'm still a virgin. Advice?