Hubby cheated. :(

Tameika • Ptegnant with baby #5
Ok so here's what happened over 2 years ago my husband went to a party with a friend and didnt come in til the next morning and lied and told me he fell asleep in the car. I was un aware when we got married in 2007. well he ended up getting sent to prison and while in prison admitted that that night he had oral sex with another female and had been trying to cheat on me quite a bit while we were just dating. He's been out and home for a few months and he says he will never risk losing me and our children ever again that it's not worth it but I always seem to have that fear that he's going to wander again and cheat again I trust him a little but not fully yet. He was very attentive to me when papers got home and he's still attentive just not as much he's not as lovey dovey as he used to be all the things he did when he first got out of prison they're slowly starting to fade away and I try my best to keep him happy but the way our work schedule is as we see each other on the weekends and maybe a couple hours each day and I'm just so scared that he's going to cheat again and it's going to break my kids hearts and mine yet again. I'm literally just lost wandering day by day in my thoughts I don't know what to do.