Question please help

When in ur fertility window or ovulation window are ur boobs sore n you have to pee more than usually do you feel nausea when you lay on your belly um tried I didnt get no sleep kept running back n fort to bathroom peeing was nausea all night get worse when laying on my belly so I ate a pickle it help a lil with the nausea it was at 12 or 1 this morning boobs are still sore still running to the bathroom still nausea I only drink water I drink two or three cup of coffee yesterday evening but the was about one or two that evening please help could I be pregnant of just going through this cause of my fertility window my breasts never sore unless um about to come on my af my next af is nov 9 my last af was 3of this month went off on the 5 so it only last three day I didnt come on last month at all but we bdin like crazy I normal come on at the end of the month but some reason this month I came on in the beginning please help me