Needing a little help

I'm in need of some advice. I'm in college and a few month ago and after a few drinks I went home with a man I met that night at the bar. It was very unlike me. Now I know I have an std. I've been trying to self diagnose and it doesn't match anything I've read on health websites. I've made a doctors appointment but there was a months wait. I'm a nervous wreck and trying to figure out what it is. I listed the symptoms below! If anyone has any onsite it would be greatly appreciated! 
​Extremely itchy down there 
​Bumps around the opening (not cauliflower-y looking such as genital warts, look like herpes but doesn't  turn into sores) 
​Vaginal discharge 
​Gross smell 
​Any information would be greatly appreciated:) Thank you for your time and help!