Tired of trying. Won't give up

I got pregnant in high school using contraception and was 18 with a newborn. I still graduated. Went to college. Now my child is a few years old. I have a husband now who basically is her daddy. We have been trying for two long years. I wound up in the hospital and later went to my gynecologist and found out my ovaries are COVERED in cysts which are keeping the eggs from releasing. He said I can go months without releasing then release one. We all three have baby fever but nothing. I have reflux bad at night so I get a slight hope it's morning sickness then I remember my reflux. My hopes are down. But not gone. I wish it would happen already but I'm tired of waiting. The cysts become huge and bust at random and I wind up in the Er and get pain medicine but I am tired of hurting. I tell myself the pain is worth it if I can get pregnant.