He made a list

Abiodun • Had an ectopic in January been trying to conceive again since then.
My SO is the kind of guy whose phone you can't touch we've been through a lot since we have been together and I thought we were finally getting somewhere. When we first got together I told him the truth everything that I had done everything I had been through that could affect our relationship like that fact that I was molested by a family member for years and how no one in my family believe and cuz I don't want my family to disown me I didn't go to the police. He said he understood and that we could just move forward so long as I'm not around him.  Which I've made sure I'm doing. My mother passed away this year in on August 16. My SO has been there for me but he's not really the affectionate type so he does what he can. This month however we have been fighting so much over phone bills getting pregnant getting married so many things. So he went out one day and left his iPod and iPad I've always pretended as if I don't know his passcodes. So I unlocked his iPad and went through it.  In the notes section he wrote a note named why we can't be and this is what he wrote. 
Why we can't be.
1. Her uncle slept with her, didn't move on/ report to the police. 
2.No life plan.
4. Can't have kids.
5. Very desperate to settle down
6. I don't like her family 
I found it very hurtful cuz I explained most of these things before we got together. 
Then I looked on his Facebook and he just uses it to talk to all sorts of different girls all the time saying hey beautiful and arranging meet ups and stuff. 
The girls don't even annoy me its the list it upsets me so much. 
I don't know if I should stay anymore cuz I have dealt with a lot and accepted a lot from him and I think this is the straw that's going to break my back now. 
Advice please