No one to talk to

One of the  hardest things about TTC I find is having no one to talk to, me and my fiancé met through our mutual group of friends and are a very close bunch and both girls in it have had abortions, one has made it very clear is stupid to have a baby young( she had one at 22, which is my age now) and the other has had 2 within a year and has regretted it both times ( plus another one in a different relationship prior to these 2) and has confided in me saying how she's jealous and it brings her down about other people being pregnant and those who have got kids already that she knows- so it's kind of a hard subject to talk about-( and killed me when I've been ttc whilst she's has abortions) and I'm not close enough to my sister or mum to talk about with them! I just need to have another female to talk to about it all , my SO tries his best but doesn't quite understand how I feel